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Analecta Bollandiana - 134 / I (2016)


• Christelle Jullien.
Découverte d'un martyr perse dans un légendier latin médiéval

A mediaeval Latin manuscript has preserved the Passion of a fifth-century Persian martyr, Vamnes, who is totally unknown in the hagiographic and liturgical sources of the various Oriental Christian communities.  In determining the historical value of the text the author shows the probability of an underlying Syriac original which had probably been translated into Greek before being translated into Latin.

• Michael Lapidge.
The Anonymous Passio S. Dionysii (BHL 2178)

The "anonymous Passio S. Dionysii", which is listed by the Bollandistes as BHL 2178, was apparently composed by a monk of Saint-Denis in Paris during the abbacy of Waldo (806-814).  It drew substantially on the earlier, eight-century Passio of the saint (BHL 2171), and was used in turn by Hilduin of Saint-Denis, in his widely influential account of the martyrdom of St Dionysius (BHL 2175).  Although it did not circulate widely, the "anonymous Passio S. Dionysii" occupies an important position in the hagiographical dossier of St Dionysius, because it is the earliest text to associate the Parisian martyr with the Dionysius of Athens who, according to biblical Acts (17, 34) was converted by St Paul, and is the earliest text to describe the saint's miraculous cephalophory, according to which, following his decapitation, he carried his head for two miles from the place of execution to his final resting-place.  The article includes a new critical edition, together with an English translation and a thorough historical commentary of this text.

• Christodoulos Papavarnavas.
The Role of the Audience in the Pre-Metaphrastic Passions

En examinant quatre Passions de martyrs antérieures au Xe s. – la Passion de Pistis, Elpis, Agape et leur mère Sophie (BHG 1637z), la Passion des dix martyrs de Crète (BHG 1196), la Passion des quarante martyrs de Sébaste (BHG 1201) et la Passion de Juliana de Nicomédie (BHG 962z), cet article entend jeter une lumière nouvelle sur la réception de la littérature hagiographique par son public, à savoir l’auditeur et le lecteur byzantins. Pour déterminer les effets des Passions sur l’audience, une comparaison littéraire est établie entre le public intratextuel et extratextuel. En effet, en considérant de près les personnages secondaires dans les différentes narrations, il semble possible de retracer la manière dont ces personnages ont pu être interprétés comme des modèles inspirant la réaction du public extratextuel. Selon cette approche, le texte devient spectacle et le lecteur ou l’auditeur se mue en spectateur. Cette analyse des Passions peut conduire non seulement à une meilleure compréhension de chaque texte, mais aussi à préciser la relation entre le texte et son public au fil du temps.

• Dirk Krausmüller.
John of Phoberos, a 12th-Century Monastic Founder, and His Saints: Luke of Mesembria and Symeon of the Wondrous Mountain

The monk John, abbot ofthe Phoberos monastery and author of a monastic rule, held two saints in greatesteem, his predecessor Luke of Mesembria, and the sixth-century saint Symeonof the Wondrous Mountain.  While his relationship with Luke is easily explained,John’s veneration of Symeon is rather more unusual.  It finds its most likelyexplanation in the literary activities of the monks of the Wondrous Mountain whodid everything to promote their patron saint.

• Bernard Joassart.
Claude Chastelain, collaborateur des Bollandistes 

• Bernard Joassart.
Deux lettres du bollandiste Constantin Suyskens à Barthélemy Mercier de Saint-Léger 

• Gionata Brusa.
I manoscritti agiografici della Biblioteca Capitolare di Vercelli.  Con un'appendice sui frammenti.

Among the conspicuous and rich treasure of manuscripts preserved in the Biblioteca Capitolare of Vercelli, the codices with a hagiographic subject re-present an important section of its patrimony with sixteen manuscripts and some fragments.  The present article aims to describe the contents of such precious wit-nesses which date from the 7th to the 14th cent.  In total there are over 500 hagiographic texts described in the catalogue. 

• François Dolbeau.
Catalogues de manuscrits latins.  Inventaire hagiographique (trente-troisième série)

Manuscrits hagiographiques conservés à Augsbourg / Bautzen / Munich / Weimar / Innsbruck / Oxford [Holkham Hall] / Maynooth / Gorizia / Lucques / Mantoue / Palerme / Perugia / Varsovie

• Robert Godding.
Italia Hagiographica (IXa).  Chronique d'hagiographie italienne (première partie).


Analecta Bollandiana - 134 / II (2016)


• Frederick M. Biggs.
Bede's Martyrologium and the Martyrologium Hieronymianum

This essay questions two assumptions that have guided the study of martyrologies: the Martyrologium Hieronymianum did not, the author argues, contain any historical entries, which are indeed Bede's creation, and Bede's Martyrologium did not include brief entries, which are characteristic of the earlier work. Although making a sharper distinction between these works, it also reveals Bede's lifelong study of his source and his profound faith in the authority it shared with liturgical tradition.

• Alin Suciu.
The Question of the Authorship of the Historia Stephani protomartyris (BHO 1093; CANT 302; Clavis coptica 0491): Theodosius of Jerusalem, Abba Isaiah, the Monk Romanus and Peter the Iberian

This article deals with a fragmentary Sahidic text conventionally called Historia Stephani Protomartyris (BHO 1093; CANT 302; clavis coptica 0491). The name of the author of this writing has disappeared in a lacuna in the only manuscript known until now. By examining the evidence, the author of this paper provides arguments that the Historia Stephani was very likely attributed to Theodosius, the anti-Chalcedonian bishop of Jerusalem between 451 and 453 CE. The article also identifies, for the first time, some papyrus fragments which belonged to a previously unknown copy of the same text. Finally, the author addresses the question of the date of the celebration of Stephen the Protomartyr in Egypt. Thus, the title of the Historia Stephani and other Sahidic sources suggest that Stephen's martyrdom was celebrated in Upper Egypt on Paope 26 (October 27), not on Tobe 1 (December 27), as the majority of the Byzantine and Egyptian calendars indicate. 

• Oscar Prieto Domínguez.
Saint Theokleto: A Female Iconoclast Saint

The Synaxarion of Constantinople commemorates St Theokleto the Wonder Worker on August 21. In spite of our lack of information about her, a comparative analysis with the other simultaneous cults in honour of pious women leads us to a significant conclusion: Theokleto was the only woman whose sanctification followed the type of the iconoclast saints known to us.

• Sergey Kim.
In Quest of the Treasures of Iviron: Georgian Flyleaves from Four Greek Manuscripts in Moscow

The article investigates three Georgian texts conserved fragmentarily in the flyleaves attached to four Greek manuscripts from the State Historical Museum in Moscow, originating from the Athonite monastery of Iviron. Aside from giving improved readings of the colophon of Iovane T'ornike, we identify Georgian portions of two hagiographical texts, Vita Simeonis Stylitae Senioris (BHO 1121-1124) and Vita Simeonis Stylitae Minoris (BHG 1689). The discovery of an ancient Arabic translation of Vita Simeonis Stylitae Minoris is announced; it is demonstrated that the Georgian text does not depend on it. We venture a hypothesis that the Vitae of two Simeons used to belong to one and the same Georgian manuscript, before a librarian from Iviron, probably Theophilos the Ivirite († 1548), made them serve as flyleaves.

• Ugo Zanetti.
La Bibliotheca Hagiographica Syriaca Electronica. Réflexions d'un utilisateur

This article deals with the presentation of the new database The Syriac Portal on Internet and in particular with the section on the Vitae of saints (Bibliotheca Hagiographica Syriaca Electronica), with practical instructions for the best possible usage of the database.

• Jose Carlos Martín-Iglesias.
La Vita S. Adelelmi (BHL 71): primera edición completa del texto, transmitido en las Vitae Sanctorum de Bernardo de Brihuega

The Vita s. Adelelmi (BHL 71) is a prose account of the Benedictine monk Adelelmus († 1097 ?), abbot of Chaise-Dieu (France), and Saint John of Burgos (Spain). It was written in the early XIIth century by Rodulfus of Chaise-Dieu in Burgos. The only known manuscript (Burgos, Monasterio de Cistercienses Calatravas de San Felices, s. n.) containing this work is mutilated but a complete copy of the text is preserved in the Vitae Sanctorum of Bernardo of Brihuega (MS Salamanca, BGHU, 2539). This paper analyses the corpus of Latin texts on St. Adelelmus and contains the first complete edition of the work written by Rodulfus of Chaise-Dieu.

• Bernard Joassart.
Le voyage littéraire d'Henschenius et Papebroch sur les bords de la Meuse et de la Moselle en 1668.

• François Dolbeau.
Fragments manuscrits provenant de l'ancienne bibliothèque des Bollandistes

• Marc Lindeijer.
Two Belgian Jesuit Martyrologies as Models of Conciliar Reform

The reform of the Roman Martyrology, already wished for by Pius XI, had a laborious iter. Two martyrologies composed by Belgian Jesuits in 1965-1966 offer, both in the choice of saints they kept and in the content of their eulogies, a model that tried to respond to the criticisms expressed before and during the Second Vatican Council. The model that Rome would finally adapt was inspired first and foremost by the desire to present a complete catalogue of saints.


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