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Hagiography worldwide

Below are the addresses of some useful websites dealing with hagiography

Hagiography Associations

ΑΓΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΑ ΤΕΤΡΑΔΙΑ – Studies on Christian hagiography: a blog on Byzantine hagiography, based in Greece, with links and upcoming events.

AISSCA  : Associazione italiana per lo studio della santità, dei culti e dell'agiografia.  Very active in promoting conferences and publications.  Publishes the journal Sanctorum.

Arbeitskreis für hagiographische Fragen: the German association of hagiographers, which organizes a yearly conference. 

Centro europeo di studi agiografici : promoted by AISSCA (Associazione italiana per lo studio della santità, dei culti e dell’agiografia) and hosted in the Biblioteca Paroniana in Rieti.  Among other activities the Centre organizes every year a week-long school of hagiographical studies.

HagHis (Hagiographie et Histoire): web site of the Atelier français de recherches sur l'hagiographie médiévale.  Announces (and organizes) conferences and seminars, proposes bibliographies and information about specific dossiers of saints.

Hagiography Society: activities and newsletters of the very active association based in the USA.

Hagiotheca.  Croatian Hagiography Society

The study of Hagiography

Ménestrel: a guide of Internet resources about Medieval hagiography, in a web site dedicated to the Middle Ages and run by a group of French and Belgian historians.  The website has an English version.

ORB – Hagiography : an excellent introduction to medieval hagiography by Thomas Head.

General Databases, Texts and Bibliographies

Bibliografia agiografica: an ongoing bibliography of hagiographical studies, edited by Sanctorum, the journal of AISSCA.

Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database: an online database of Greek hagiographic texts from the 8th-10th centuries.  English translations of Byzantine texts are available in another section of the same website: Translations of Byzantine Saints’ Lives listed either alphabetically or chronologically.

Feminae.  Medieval Women and Gender Index: an ongoing bibliography of articles, many of which are related to hagiography.

Geschichtsquellen des deutschen Mittelalters: critical inventory and bibliography of medieval narrative sources, with a section dedicated to saints.

Hagiografía hispánica : a virtual library (section of the Biblioteca virtual Miguel de Cervantes) of primary and secondary sources about medieval and modern Castillan and Catalan hagiography.

Medieval Sourcebook: this web site, edited by Paul Halsall (Fordham University), is dedicated to historical sources in general.  The Saints’ Lives section provides links to a vast selection of late antique and medieval Saints’ Lives in English translation.

Narrative Sources from the Medieval Low Countries: gives an exhaustive and critical survey of all the narrative sources (including Saints’ Lives) originating from the medieval Low Countries (6th-16th cent.).

TASC - Transnational Database and Atlas of Saints' Cults: Graham Jones’ project aims to establish a parish-by-parish, commune-by-commune inventory of religious devotion in Europe and beyond.


Hagiography Circle: an online resource on contemporary hagiography, it offers up-to-date information on saints, blessed, venerables, and servants of God from the time of the French Revolution (1789) to recent times.

Santi e beati: a useful although not entirely critical encyclopedia of saints, based in large part on the Bibliotheca Sanctorum (in Italian).

Particular projects

Censimento santuari cristiani in Italia: a database of sanctuaries in Italy.

Commemorations of Saints in Scottish Place-Names : a database of Scottish hagiotoponyms based in Glasgow University.

Coordinación de la edición de hagiografía castellana : offers textual and bibliographical resources on the hagiography of Castilla.

Corpus hagiográfico êm português até 1525 : offers semi-diplomatic editions of hagiographic texts written or translated in portuguese before 1525. 

Databank Beschermheiligen: a database about protector saints in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Dedications to Saints in Medieval Scotland: database completed in 2007, based in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh.

Franciscan Authors 13th – 18th century.  A Catalogue in Progress: includes a section “Vitae et Miracula” offering bibliographical resources on a large number of saints.

Inventaire des sanctuaires et lieux de pèlerinage chrétiens en France : an ongoing project about French sanctuaries from the origins to the present time.

Nederlandse Bedevaartbank: a database of the 662 places of pilgrimage in the Netherlands from the beginnings to the present time.

Pilgerzeichendatenbank: a database of pilgrim signs from all over Europe.

Sacri monti : documentation centre about Europe's sacred mounts, calvaries, and other devotional monumental complexes.  

Sermones.net.  Édition électronique d'un corpus de sermons latins médiévaux : a website on medieval preaching aiming to the electronic edition of Latin sermons collections.

Symbols that Bind and Break Comunities: a collaborative research project about saints’ cults as stimuli and expressions of local, regional, national and universalist identities.

Thesaurus exemplorum medii aevi (Thema): a database of around 10,000 exempla from more than 50 collections (10th – 14th cent.).


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